Sweet Mondays…


   It’s the beginning of a new week and I thought I’d dedicate my first post to tackling a never ending theme: Mondays. I’m sure you’ve noticed that it seems to be the most dreaded day of the week for most people; it’s the time when Facebook and all other imaginable social media start overflowing with I-hate-Monday themed pics and various sarcastic e-cards that proclaim just how shitty this day is. Why is that, though? I mean, if you think about it, Monday is just like any other day we’re going to see come and go so, what’s the big deal? I remember thinking that all the way through high-school and university. And then I got a job and I found out what makes everyone feel so droopy when they have to get up at 6:30 after two days off…

   And so, I decided to write a little something just to try and help y’all (and myself) get through this occasionally occurring day. For most of us Mondays are hell because we know it’s the beginning of another week when we have to work through the time which, if we had to choose, we would most likely spend doing something else. If you think about it, though, work is not such a bad thing (alright, who threw that tomato at me?!). Seriously, think about it: what you do for a living actually teaches you the discipline you use in so many other facets of your life; it gives you some goals to pursue and it puts things in perspective: you know what you’re doing and why you do it. I’m not trying to say that if we didn’t work a day in our lives we’d all be spoiled brats, but… I kind of am.

And here’s a few thoughts to make you get through [this] Monday:

  1. You don’t like getting out of bed that early, I know, but think about this: how many times during your day do you feel like “oh, gosh, I am just wasting my time”. There are plenty of fun articles out there (like this one) that conclude that the people who get an early start in their day are way more productive than those who tend to sleep in. So, the sooner you get on with it, the easier it will be to add more time to your day and scratch down more of those pesky tasks. Touché!
  2. Many people get fussy because they have to spend a long time commuting to their work place. Well, you know, instead of the everyday boring subway ride, you might turn this into some quality me-time to catch up on a good book you never find the time for or listen to some of your favorite tunes to get you feeling ready for the day? The crucial step here is to plan it, stick to it and remember: time you enjoy wasting is never truly wasted.
  3. Why do you not like being at work? Is it because you’re associating with the wrong people? A lot of research shows that’s one of the reasons people tend to feel down. So step back and take a good look around. What do your usual conversations at work sound like? Are they uplifting for you or do they tend to focus on things like trivial complaints and gossip? A lot of people get sucked into that negativity spiral and they can’t quite make out what the problem is. If you feel like you’re spending too much time with people that are bringing you down, maybe you could change it up a bit – say “hi” to someone new, join a different crew for lunch just to make the difference, embrace a new and refreshing experience!
  4. Or perhaps you feel stuck in a rut? Many people feel like they’re not doing much at work and they struggle to find the meaning behind it. One possible reason for this is our social media background that’s constantly telling us that we should “love” our work and if we don’t we’re just so unimaginably screwed. In reality, though, hardly anybody actually “loves” what they do. I mean, really. Love is a tough word that we put much meaning behind and it’s hard to use it regarding our work environment, especially if we’re just starting our careers off and we’re still kind of paying our dues. So, instead of desperately trying to “love” what you do, why not try to just appreciate where you’re at and what you’re learning from it? I guarantee it’s much easier.

   Bottom line, whatever your personal Monday menace is, remember there’s always a solution to it. And, if you find that it’s not worth it in the end, you can always try out something new, as that saying goes: you can move, you’re not a tree. Or something like that… Happy Monday!


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