New beginnings


I love summer. Summer is the time that reminds you to get up off your be-hind because every day is a new beginning. In these few short months everybody’s dreaming of vacation time and we feel like we’re on the brim of starting something exciting all the time; we’re wide awake and we’re searching for the next best thing out there.

So, I felt like writing a little something to praise this awesome time the other day when I had the pleasure of playing a humble part in an age-long tradition: celebrating July morning on the beach. I admit I’ve wanted to try and get up and witness the sunrise on this particular morning for several years now but due mostly to my laziness I hadn’t been able to so far. Until this year when I boldly set my alarm for 4:45 a.m., woke up my boyfriend, we got our jackets on and thumped down to the beach, still half drooling, to see the sun rise above the sea. And here’s what I want to say about it: it was totally worth it. Everything about this experience was so new and unknown that the sheer bitter sweetness of it was incredibly refreshing. And, as it seemed, everything around us was just bursting with energy: all the birds were singing, there were squirrels and stray cats roaming around us, the crabs were still out on the rocks, there was a light breeze and everything just felt so… alive. I was truly stunned by the amount of energy we encountered right around when the first shy rays of the sun hit the shore; truly an inspiring experience, here’s what it looked like:


It was the kind of magical moment that reminds you that you get another chance every single day and that the worries that seem so overwhelming are nothing but a drop in the ocean. If it’s this rewarding to do something as little as get out of bed a few hours earlier, can you imagine what it must feel like to really give it your all? So remember, stay inspired and always keep a cup of coffee nearby in case of urgency 🙂